Grand River Chapter


    Our mission is to promote the profession and, organize events, workshops and activities for our members and the public. As is the case for all PEO Chapters, the Grand River Chapter is co-ordinated by volunteers. If you would like to help in any way, please feel free to contact any Board member.

    As one of thirty-eight Chapters, the Grand River Chapter serves over 4,200 members in the Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and Waterloo areaDownload PDF of GRC Boundary map


    Essential Purposes of PEO Chapters


    1. Presence

    a. Enhance public awareness for the engineering profession in the local community.

    Events (seminars/workshops, National Engineering Month, Science fairs, EIT, debates, etc.); Educational outreach (primary, secondary, & post-secondary schools); Chapter scholarships; Certificate presentations; Community (public) outreach; Mentorship; Public communications, Chapter Government Liaison Program; etc.

    2. Communication

    a. Facilitate two-way communication with the license holders and PEO Council.

    Events (regulatory, seminars/workshops, EIT, debates, tours, etc.); Certificate presentations; Chapter meetings; Chapter AGM; Chapter communications; Regional Congresses; Subcommittees; Chapter Government Liaison Program; etc.

    b. Report non-compliance issues.

    3. Grassroots Participation

    a. Promote participation of license holders in Chapter and other PEO activities.

    b. Encourage license holders to take an interest and participate in PEO Governance (i.e. voting in PEO elections, conversations, town halls, etc.)

    Events (regulatory, social, sporting, seminars/workshops, National Engineering Month, Science fairs, EIT, debates, etc.); Certificate presentations; Chapter meetings; Chapter AGM; Chapter communications; Mentorship; Regional Congresses; Subcommittees; Chapter Government Liaison Program; PEO Events; Education outreach; etc.

    4. Recognition

    a. Recognition of individuals for their support of the profession.

    Service pins, FEC, Order of Honour Service Awards, etc.

    b. Recognition of firms for their support of our chapters and the profession.

    Appreciation Plaques, Certificates, Awards, Gifts Presentation, etc.

    c. Recognition of chapters for exceptional leadership and programming.

    Recognition certificate, etc.

    5. Governance

    a. Encourage professional engineers to participate in regulatory roles at PEO.

    PEO events (AGM, Regional Congresses, CLC, Conferences, etc.); Debates; Seminars/workshops; Subcommittees; etc. 

    ...Accepted at 2012 Penta Congress

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